How Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Is Changing The Political Scene One Pinterest Post at a Time

Pinterest is more than just a digital bulletin board for craft-lovers and bored moms. Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief is changing the game on social media with her savvy integration of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in her online profile.

The Art of the Pinterest Board

HerĀ Pinterest page in particular is especially intriguing. By creating boards as diverse as “Places I Love”, “Cool Antiques”, “Broward Architecure” and “Broward Celebrities”, the popular Mayor is crafting an image library that brings attention back to her communities and constituents. Local businesses in Fort Lauderdale and across Broward County are taking notice and are benefitting from the attention.

Her “Broward Means Business” board is an especially strong example of highlighting local businesses and promoting a great public awareness program authored by the County in the process. It features photos from local bars, restaurants, spas and eyeglass boutiques while making for a great advertisement of the area’s vibrant business and cultural life.

While most politicians are content to hire a staff member to tweet and post on Facebook for them, essentially using a proxy to pose as an author, Barbara Sharief eschews this modality with great passion for connecting with her populace. The next time you think all politicians are boring, show them Ms. Sharief’s Pinterest page!

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