Is The Walking Dead the Future of Television?

The runaway success of The Walking Dead has broken television. The serial based on the successful series of graphic novels is noted for its exceptionally-rich casting and the depth of its stories. You never know what you are going to get from any single episode. Will it be existential dread? Bloody gore and violence? a romance?

Is The Walking Dead the future of television?

That depends on how you define the future.

Nobody can deny that television shows are no more beautifully constructed than ever before. Thanks to cable television channels like HBO, Showtime and AMC pulling out all the stops, there seems to be a new no holds-barred approach to show programming.

I think The Walking Dead has carved out a new place for more cinematic cable television shows, in the same vein of Boardwalk Empire or 24. What distinguished The Walking Dead is the superbly-crafted evolution of its characters and storylines.

We shall see what influence this has on the ever-competitive television landscape.

Stay Tuned!

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